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Welcome Biohackers!

This website aims to bring together different nodes of the BioHack / DIY Bio network. So that's inviting anyone tinkering, hacking and creatively using biotechnology in community bio labs, biohack spaces, kitchens and garages. The goal is to keep you up to date on current issues and exchange best practices to accelerate open and independent biohacking.

BioHackLabs Mailing List[edit]

An easy way to stay up to date and engage with fellow biohackers is through our mailing list. Simply subscribe and join the conversation!

The mailing lists are geographically organized:

BioHack Publications[edit]

A lot is written and said about biohacking these days. On this BioHackLabs website we are curating a collection of noteworthy biohack publications.

Do It Yourself[edit]

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