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BioHackLabs Europe Mailing List hosts the European biohacklabs mailing list. This mailing list is an open list on which any topic related to DIYBio / Biohacking in Europe can be discussed.

In order to start a discussion about a certain topic, you need to subscribe to the mailing list (follow the instructions below) and simply start the conversation by mailing to


Subscription is easy. To subscribe to this list called europe, send the following in the body (not the subject) of an email to

subscribe europe

This will subscribe the account from which you send the message to the europe list. You will receive an email with an authorization code. Reply to this email with only the single line of the authorization code in the body (not the subject), for example:

auth [auth_code] subscribe europe [your_mail_address]


To unsubscribe from this list called europe, send the following in the body (not the subject line) of an email message to

unsubscribe mylist

This will unsubscribe the account from which you send the message.


All messages send to are archived on Gmane ( and

All mailing list commands

The mailing list software is Majordomo. This accepts the following commands:

  • subscribe list [address] - subscribe yourself to the list with the optional address
  • unsubscribe list [address] - unsubscribe yourself from the list with the optional address
  • get list filename - get a file related to the list
  • index list - return an index of the files you can "get" for list
  • which [address] - find out which lists you or the optional address is subscribed to
  • who list - find out who is on the named list
  • info list - retrieve general introductory information about the named list
  • lists - show all the lists served by the mailing list service
  • help - return a message with a summary of these commands
  • end - stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature to your messages)